Verses for Meditation


In our tradition, verses about the true mind are chanted at the start of our meditation. There are 2 verses, one for the morning meditation and one for the evening meditation.

The verses for meditation below were extracted from the book Stories of Thien – Vietnamese Buddhist Meditation (2009) published by Sunyata Community and Meditation Centre, Western Australia. Permission has been granted to publish these verses here.

Verses for Morning Meditation (3 am)
(Chanted by Bell Master as bell is sounded)

At fifth watch of the night the sun is about to rise.
Our Perfect Wisdom shines in boundless space.
When no thought arises, our mind envelopes the Three Realms.
Realising the equanimity of our True Nature,
we do not stir up any thoughts.
The True Mind appears.
The insight is very deep and beyond our thinking mind.
The more we chase after it, the wearier we become.
With mind and heart disturbed by searching,
we have not understood.
With no thoughts arising, all seeking is fulfilled.

Namo Sakyamuni Buddha
Namo Sakyamuni Buddha
Namo Sakyamuni Buddha

Verses for Evening Meditation (7 pm)
(Chanted by Bell Master as bell is sounded)

First watch of the night has arrived.
Calmly we sit upright and still in meditation.
Like space, our mind is empty, tranquil and luminous.
From beginningless lifetimes,
It has never been born and has never passed away.
Then why worry about birth and death.
Reflecting deeply to see that all phenomena are illusory.
Their nature is empty.
So there is no need to search for them,
Once realising that this mind is formless, be still and undisturbed
and let it manifest itself in perfect equanimity.

Namo Sakyamuni Buddha
Namo Sakyamuni Buddha
Namo Sakyamuni Buddha